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L’album + le CD digipack Nos coeurs symétriques

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Album CD 1
1. Nos Coeurs Symétriques
2. I Believe
3. An Open Heart
4. There Are No Miracles
5. All In the Name (feat. Elton John)
6. Into The Night
7. More Than Most
8. In Your Care
9. I Only Want To Please You
10. Where Is The Heartache (radio version)
11. Running Back To You (feat. Elton John)
12. Kiss For Kiss (feat. Jake Shears)
13. Waiting For The Feeling (version remasterisée)
14. Moves (version remasterisée)
15. Symmetry Of Two Hearts
Album CD 2 (Remixes)
1. All In The Name (Tracy Young Remix)
2. Symmetry Of Two Hearts (The Villars Remix)
3. An Open Heart (Alan Braxe Remix)
4. Running Back To You (Junotrix Remix)
5. Into The Night (Junotrix Remix)
6. I Only Want To Please You (12" Version)
7. Symmetry Of Two Hearts (Junotrix Remix)
8. All In The Name (Soul Seekerz Remix)
9. An Open Heart (Todd Terry Remix)
10. Running Back To You (Rick Cross House Mix)
Nos Coeurs Symétriques
1. Album version
2. Radio edit
3. French & English radio edit
4. Version originale (feat. Elton John)

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